April 07, 2011

No, I didn't die, seriously! (Beaches in Ghana)

I feel really bad. I felt really bad during last couple of months, but... somehow I've lost power to write. Or got to the life routine in Ghana, all the things around me lost their freshness. Can't really say. Tried few times, and nothing came out from keyboard. But now I feel I have to share all the adventures, trips, visits, feelings that I experienced here so far. And to let the world know what I've learded here. If anything...

So I'll start from geographical key - trips first, placed that I visited, in Accra, and Ghana.

Labadi Beach, Accra.

It's the most popular beach in the capital city of Ghana. Wide, sandy with strong currents in the ocean. As it is a "city beach", it's dirty. Rubbish are in the sand, plastic bags in the ocean. VERY crowded at the weekends and public holidays - that much, that is hard to walk along or to get to the water.
There are a couple of bars along the beach, where you can have a beer or any other drink and eat something. As most of the Ghanaian beaches, it is occupied by rastamen. Bands walking from one bar to another, playing reggae standards.

This beach is even more "rasta" places then the other ones. Every Wednesday there's a reggae party, starting at 10-11 pm. On Fridays and Saturdays there are also parties, with more "dancable" music.
Except of rastas you can meet all possible people, who are trying to make up their leaving by  performing or selling stuff there. Acrobats, musicians, clowns... t-shirts, paintings, crafts... ice-cream, plantain chips or "wota":
Suprisingly, if you are looking for a quiet moment, far from the city noise, you can also get it on Labadi at weekdays. The place is almost empty then:
You can meet a few kite-surfers:
 And if you will stay until the evening, you can enjoy the sunset:

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