April 07, 2011

More beaches! :) (Ghana 2011)

As I started with Labadi Beach in Accra and saw the ocean... I couldn't stop myself and my first few trips outside the city were always somehow ending on the beach with ice-cold beer...

Cape Coast

It's a quite a big city 150 km west from Accra. Famous from it's "slave" castle from XVII century. The history of slavery here is long and tragic. The only remains of it are castles along the Ghanaian coast built by Europeans: Portuguese, Dutch, British, who from XVI until XIX century were sending from here slaves to both of Americas and Carribeans.  After Obruni bought them from local tribes on the market, they were kept in those castles, in  the dungeons, in terrible conditions. Waiting for the ships that were to take them through Atlantic. Thousands of people died before they ever reached their destinations.
 Today you can visit the castle and hear the tragic history of slaves. It is situated in the city center, just on the beach:
After visiting the castle it was really interesting to walk around the city. It's smaller then Accra, many citizens are fishermen. It is amazing to see them early in the morning, sending the boats to the ocean or placing their nets in the water. They are singing then to keep the right rythm of their hard work.
After fishing they are coming back in their wooden boats that look so very small comparing to the huge waves. It's not easy to fight them and the strong currents.
Beach in Cape Coast is nice, waves are high, you can meet surfers here:
 and hard working people:
 Oasis Beach Resort, nice place to stay and party.
 Beach is lovely as well:
 And picturesque:
 But to swim in the ocean there - real challange! The undercurrents are very strong, don't do it after beer... :)
 Busy working woman, carrying a child in African style.
 Beach boys: they will sell you everything you want, and even more from what you definately don't need.

There are a few places near the city, that are worth seeing. A Monkey Sanctuary with other animals as well. Kakum National Park famous for its canopy walk - a path 40 meters over one of the last Ghanaian remains of rain forests. Views are breathtaking!
 And walking there is not advisable for those with fear of hight...
But I was feeling like Indiana Jones. ;)

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