July 25, 2010

On the beach (Ghana 2010)

So, yes, yes, yes! Eventually I got to the beach! Took a tro-tro, didn't manage to get to sth called here "37" (still don't know what it is), got to Sec instead... what was wrong, but then I met Patrick, who took me to the beach in the city center. So the way to the beach looks like below, the ocean is just behind me.
These are my new Ghanaian friends. The one in the middle even didn't introduce himself, just used the oportunity to be on this photo. And now, ta-dam! He's in  the internet!
The ocean view... beach view... colonial forts are visible there. So here it is. The Gold Coast.
Some training before the next world cup :)


beith said...

Więcej, więcej... :)

draakin said...

ależ proszę :)