July 22, 2010

Fitting myself to the local routine... (Ghana 2010)

The weather is good. Not too hot, not too wet. Better then in homeland at the moment. ;)
Food... still hard to say, didn't have time to try any local food except of fresh bananas and pineapples... which I ate cut by a lady who was selling them... all the safety rules was completely forgotten, and then even more, after first bite of a fresh, sweet very juicy pineapple. And then at night mosquitos got me. Few bites of a fresh juicy Draakin... Let's wait for the results. But at least I brush my teeth with a mineral water, lol!
Ghanaians are smiling a lot, very proud of their country, warm and welcoming. Helpful and open. 


Asia said...

Ja rozumiem ....fresh bananas and pineapples... ale Ty tam lepiej o wino albo cos mocniejszego popytaj :-)
Ps: Nadal Ci zazdroszczę

draakin said...

Ależ! Spoko. Jest wszystko jak trzeba, niczego nie brakuje :)