August 16, 2010

Ada - tribal festival (Ghana 2010)

Yes, I know. Was lazy lately. And it doesn't mean nothing has happened...
One of the Saturdays we went to Ada - small town on the bank of Volta river, something like 40 km east from Accra. Asafoatse Odiahia is the "folk" festival, which shows the tribal traditions of Ghana people. But before we got the the festival itself, we saw a bit of Ghana outside the capital city. Some fields, but mostly just a grass with some bushes here and there... and mounds of termites. Few villages... Flat and boring landscape, I must say.
Then we got to Ada and it got much more interesting. We walk along the streets, full of people, and stalls with absolutely everything. Food, clothing, souvenirs... I made over 1 thousand of photos, here's just a small choice, more of them you can find on picassa - link on the right.
Below is one of Ada's yards:
A girl :)
Fishermen on Volta river:
A view of Volta river.

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