July 13, 2010

The new adventure. The new life...

So it happened to me that I founf myself in Grapevine, TX, US. How come? I got a job, the company sends me for a year to Accra, Ghana. And on the way I have a training in Texas. And that's the whole story. Amen.
Don't ask what I do. They pay me enough.  And it's GHANA. Who would ever go to Ghana? You see? Couldn't choose better.
The story started yesterday, when before 8 am. I took a seat  in LO flight to LHR. Spent there few hours, and travelled to Atlanta. Saw there a piece of airport - terminal E and B. And eventually got to Dallas. Which in the fact is a small town near the airport, not the city itself. Grapevine. Anything that comes to your mind about Grapevine? Oh yeah, grapes. Wines. Didn't try them. Yet. But I will, no worries.
What is Grapevine? Imagine a wild west town... like from western movies... then add highways, shopping malls and seven eleven. Yes. here I am. Grapevine.
So they've got a historical site here, museum, a few wineries, used cowboy shoes store. And the smell of grilled steaks surrounds you from 10 am. And you can take a ride with an old fashioned train here! So COOL! :D
I was always fighting with stereotypical views but here... it is exactly like in the movies. And we went for dinner to Italian restaurant -  the food was ok, but the restaurant? Looked like TGI Fridays!!! And the amounts of food... I should take it all to Ghana... they will make better use of all that food  we were not able to eat...
More info tomorrow, now I have to get rid of the rest of jet lag...

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