July 16, 2010

Leaving Texas

Didn't manage to write anything more... but there's not much to tell. Texas. Training, being busy all the time... eating, shopping. Eating, shoping. It's a shopping para... no, shopping hell. You don't need anything, but you come in, just not to stand outside alone for an hour... and then you buy. And buy. And buy. Because it's cheaper, because it IS. Damn! 
And then you go eat... any cuisine you want... a bit in American way, but who cares? It's huge, it's good, and here in Texas it's damn far from being healthy... was hard to be vegeterian here. Not that surrounding smell of steaks was making me hungry... it simply was hard to get anything without meat.
So I've just made last minute shopping I didn't need at all, packed my stuff... going to sleep... and tomorrow the REAL thing starts. I'm SO excited. Still, even thou I know already how my job will look like... and it won't be so easy going.

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