June 04, 2010

Croatia - mediterranian from top of the mountains until the deep blue sea...

So, yes! I like it here. So much that was able to write only on the second and last day. In the mean time, except of the work duties I saw a few wonderful places, met a few interesting people... and was crazy busy.

Dubrovnik - the story everybody can find in the internet, I will not repeat it. Just add few photos to show this place through my eyes... ;)

From the city walls.
Streets of Dubrovnik.

Houses of Dubrovnik.
Bad times remains.
City walls.

The use of city walls today :)

Except of Dubrovnik I managed to visit Korcula, Mostar and... you'll never believe: Medjugorie. Each of those places were very unique:
Korcula - lovely medieval small town on the island with the same name. Locals claim Marco Polo was born there.
Mostar - you still can find lots of signs of the 90-ties war there... Such cross-cultural, such cruel...
Medjugorie... no comments, I simply do not understand the believers...
Orebic was nice as well, Peljesac peninsula was lovely. Food was good, landscape - amazing. Wines and spirits - oh, yeah! :)

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