May 26, 2010

Working in Croatia

After few trips around Poland I got the real tour leading job - incentive trip to Croatia. I started on 24th of May - flight to Dubrovnik. First I saw it from the air. And Adriatic Sea and all those islands, peninsulas, mountains and blue sea... amazing, unforgetable.
Our final destintion was Orebic - small town on Peljesac Peninsula. Road is amazing as well. Sea, wineyards, mountains... actually exactly the way I always thought the mediterranian country looks like. But except of Dalmacia I never really saw it. Well, maybe Israel a bit... and Greece.
Because I am working here I will do things I would never do on my private trip. Which is also interesting ;)
On 25th we went on the trip to Dubrovnik. Niiiice! :)
And today -  a bit of lazyness in the hotel and Orebic area.

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