April 27, 2010

Italian and French Coast

So, yes, eventually I'm on the road again... I mean, I will be, when I write what I'm writing, and leave the office...
At this point schedule is simple: airport, flight WAW-MXP, rent-a-car, night drive, La Spezia. Can you believe there's a direct flight WAW-MXP by LH? Seems a bit better, than LO ;)
Some zubrowka shopping planned on the way as well... not that I will drink it there, what a NON SENSE!

20:20. Flight took off on time. LH is nice. Plane empty, ticket cheap, they peak Italian on board... instead of German. And, what most important, it took me 1:40 h instead of 2:10 to get to Milan. Pretty quickly with the luggage and car... and on the road!

28.04 - 01:00 a.m.
Short sleep in the parking... then on the road to La Spezia. Sunrise in Portovenere.
And then on the road again. To Cinque Terra. 5 villages on the coast. This coast:
The road from La Spezia to Genoa was absolutely amazing. One of the most beautiful roads and views I ever experienced. I am very impressed. But you must to be natural born highlander to drive there. ;)


I've truly loved that city. Even if getting to the place I wanted took me more than 2 hours... ;)
The biggest old city in Europe. Tall buildings, narrow streets... the sun never gets to the level of the ground. But still people get enough of it to dry their laundry on the lines just behinad the windows... Maybe the holy figures from each corner helps them. :)


The road continues... along the coast of Liguria. Not much of stories to tell. Photo will help.
And some more:
And more:
Sea is always the most beautiful thing you can get from nature...
So what could I add... wish I was there... ;)
But definately not in San Remo. Too much... too much of everything.
This is how I went to France and then all the problems started. Language problems mostly. Do not go there if you can't speak French. Doesn't matter you can speak 20 other languages...
Menton is a town on Cote d'Azur. Not worse and not better then the others...

30.04. Nice.

But on my way I dropped to Monte Carlo. Even more of everything then in San Remo. Too big city for that coast. Too gold. Too rich. Somebody sold a soul for that...
But Nice is nice. :D Many pubs with live music, Irish style. Many sights. No English speakers.

1.05. Provance.

Lovely. Views. Food. Views. Food. People not that much.
Castellane. Alpes-de-Haute-Provance. Nice lake just a bit empty... ;)
Gondor ;)
2.05. Cannes. Just before the storm.
3.05. Leaving Nice...
...and leaving France. Nothing much to add. Nice views, great food. But can't say the same about people...
So I came back to same good food and same amazing views but so much more friendly Italians. Another narrow and meandering road through the mountains to Piemonte. Lago Maggiore - very nice. One big problem everywhere was with the internet. Why people just don't make Wi-Fi free everywhere? ;)

4.05. Milan.

Driving here was The Experience! I even managed to crash (a bit) my rented panda! Well, to scratch it. Fortunately without any further problems. And then wine, pizza and... rain. Terrible rain so I couldn't really enjoy the city.

5.05 Home sweet home... :)

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