April 07, 2011

Ghana, Butre

It's another fishermen village, west from Accra, after Takoradi. To get there you have to take "ford" to Takoradi, and then, most preferably, a taxi for a next 30 km long rough road through the jungle. This is what we did, but had and unpleasant surprise on the way - a flat tire, and it was already dark, the phone was hardly finding the network in the jungle... and many crossings on the way, roads leading to nowhere... :)
The reserve tire was even more flat... so we left the taxi and the driver, and decided to walk to the Hideout Lodging. And it was a hideout indeed... Some of us went panic a bit... but at the end we reached the place, and got the well deserved relax:
After delicious dinner and a couple of cold beers the moods became great... some of us even got up quite early and were able to see this:
 In those natural circumstances I couldn't really do much more than this:
 But went for a walk as well, and saw a river on my way:
 Met some other walking people:
 And the views were... sometimes it's better not to look for the right words even:
So... what can you do in Butre? Ocean is not to rough to swim, walking around is really worth recommending. You can take a boat for a river trip, to see crocodiles and other animals. You can walk 3 km to Busua, another village with a few nice restaurants, lodgings and take a lesson of surfing or rent a jet-ski. From all the beaches I saw in Ghana the ones in Butre and Busua are the most friendly.

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