April 07, 2011

Ghana, Ada Foah - magic place :)

Ada Foah, a small town east from Accra, around 100 km from the city. Situated on the bank of Volta river and the ocean. The most magic place is where the river meets the ocean... on full moon nights it's possible to see small turtles going out from the sand and running to the water...
There are a few lodgings at the bank of Volta, but the best places are on the peninsula behind the small village. You can get there walking through the village or by boat from the center of town. There are 3 places, without running water and electricity is provided by the generator only. Huts made from palm leafs are on your disposal, each one has a bed inside and a mosquito net.
Lodgings on the river side are quite luxurious:
 But you can't get there this sunset:
 And you would never experience these toilets:
 Or this wonderful shower! Water is brought straight from the river.
These are the huts, straight on the beach. The peninsula is sth like 300 m wide, river is on one side, ocean on the other, and this amazing place in the middle.
 Unforgetable :)
 You can get there by boat.
 And pass the villages hidden in the jungle.
 At the end of the trip you get the sunset best prize:
On this trip Kuba, Ania and Victor joined me. Here they are, waiting for the turtles to come out:
More photos from this and other Kuba's trips you can find here.

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